Sunday 16 Rajab 1442 Hijri
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Friday 09 February 2007
Criminal operations in Tuz Khormatu.

Iraqi National – WNA / Tuz Khormatu / Turkmen citizens of Tuz Khormatu district which in administration belong to Salah El-Din province name wise only, are living in a state of fear and panic because of the many crimes that are been committed against them, in the past 48 hours a several crimes accorded, the first one is targeting the house of a Turkmen citizen Ali Hadi Mustafa by a hand grenade which led to the destruction of the house and injuring its residence with multiple wounds, the second incident was an armed robbery on the home of The Turkmen Mohammed Ibrahim Baba which they stool money, gold jewelry and kidnapped his only son Ahmad, a 14-year-old boy, the third crime was by burning a woodsman shop of Jaffar Saqi in full, as for the fourth crime was by burning blacksmith Abdulmohsin Ibrahim Shop, and as usual the perpetrator is unknown but the objectives are clear by this terrorist acts against the Turkmen people which is:

1. To emigrate the Turkmen people from their areas.
2. To influence the national stand taken by the Turkmen in rejecting the division of Iraq and forcing them to accept hostile schemes.

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